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Orthodontic Treatment

Its not all about a pretty smile! Straight teeth are healthy teeth! Healthier, straighter teeth, all right here in Albion!

Cosmetic Dentristry

Your teeth are the second (after your eyes) thing a person looks at when they first look at you. A great smile can be achieved though many options.


Remove cavities and restore your teeth with tooth-colored filling material. Small cavities are much easier to fix than large ones, so don’t wait until it hurts!

Partials & Dentures

Replacing missing teeth with removable partials and dentures is a great treatment option.

Bridges &

Another option for replacing missing teeth and restoring full dentition is with fixed bridgework or dental implants.

Preventative Treatment

Routine dental cleanings every six months, digital x-rays, comprehensive examinations, sealants, and a detailed treatment plan will help maintain a beautiful smile and excellent oral health.


Root canal treatment saves your natural tooth structure and prevents the need for tooth replacement.


Dr. Heidemann performs a full range of tooth extractions, including some wisdom tooth extractions.

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